Interest Free Loans


perpetualfamilyfundMany families wish to adopt a child and have the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial resources necessary to provide a nurturing and loving home. All too often, the overwhelming hurdle is the initial cost of adoption, which can be daunting. This is often the only impediment preventing willing families from adopting. Frequently, just a little bit of help is needed to save the life of a child and to enrich a family forever.

Pathways for Little Feet has created a designated account called the Perpetual Family Fund that receives donations and provides interest-free loans to eligible families. As loans are repaid, the money is put to work in new loans. Donations to the Perpetual Family Fund not only help a single family; they facilitate an unlimited number of orphan placements for years to come.

The Perpetual Family Fund is a sound stewardship model of sustainability. The Perpetual Family Fund is a formally restricted fund, and funds can be used only for the purpose of assisting adoptions. Contributions to the Perpetual Family Fund continue to support adoptions in perpetuity.