Do we have to use the money we receive from our federal adoption tax credit to reimburse Pathways for Little Feet?

You may use any means available to you to reimburse Pathways for Little Feet. The adoption tax credit is a convenient source of funds to use for loan repayment, making more funds available sooner for other adoptive families waiting to bring their children home.

What if we experience financial hardship during our repayment period?

Although you must honor your Loan Agreement, Pathways for Little Feet will work with you through your financial hardship.

Can a family receive a commitment for financial assistance from Pathways for Little Feet before beginning the adoption process?

No. The family must use their own resources to start the adoption application process and proceed through the pre-placement assessment (home study) stage. A copy of the approved home study is required to be submitted with the loan application.

Are funds paid directly to the family or directly to the adoption agency?

Pathways for Little Feet will make payments directly to the family.

Are contributions to Pathways for Little Feet tax deductible?

Pathways for Little Feet is a 501(c)(3) charitable not-for-profit organization, and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

May I designate my contribution for the benefit of a specific family?

According to the IRS guidelines, in order for the donation to be tax deductible, a donor may not retain control over how a not-for-profit organization ultimately uses the donated funds. However, the donor may make a request that his or her funds be used in a particular manner. The organization is permitted to consider the request, while the ultimate authority regarding the disposition of the funds is in the discretion of the organization.

What is your financial vision for the future of Pathways for Little Feet?

Our financial vision is for Pathways for Little Feet to give donors the opportunity to designate how they would like to see their dollars used. The funds consist of the Family Fund, Endowment Fund, Tribute Fund, and Operating Fund.

  • Perpetual Family Fund: 100% of the contributions designated to this fund are used to provide interest-free loans to adoptive families. Your tax-deductible donation is truly a “gift that keeps on giving.” Loan repayments are recycled to assist additional families with their adoptions.
  • Endowment Fund: Serves as the foundation of the organization. This fund is used to replenish the Perpetual Family Fund and General Operating Fund, as needed.
  • Operating Fund: Supports the day to day operations of our organization. With this funding in place, we will continue to grow and provide our services to adoptive families.

Please note any donation may be made in honor of or as a tribute to a specific person. Please designate your request on the “Note” section of the credit card donation form or on the downloadable donation form. Pathways will notify the honoree on your behalf.

Does Pathways for Little Feet have any special income requirements? Is there a credit check?

No there are no special income requirements. We do require a current credit score on both applicants. Should there be any history of bad credit, we ask the family to provide a letter explaining the circumstances.

What interest rate does Pathways for Little Feet charge on its adoption loans?

We do not charge any interest on the loans we provide.

What will our monthly reimbursement amount be?

Pathways for Little Feet and the loan recipients will mutually agree upon an amount. Generally, the average loan repayment is $100 a month.