Our History

Year Description
1998 Founders (Kerr & Jill Taylor) adopt their daughter from an orphanage in Russia.
2000 Founders create a private fund to assist children’s adoption and support numerous initiatives.
2003 Founders help support “Summer of Hope” for older children and other adoption advocacy programs.
2007 Research and marketing organization is hired to determine the “greatest need” within the world of adoption advocacy to carry out the vision of “creating a world in which every child belongs in a loving home.” Symposium with leaders (CEOs, Academics and researchers of adoption advocacy organizations) is held to vet and determine “best practices” to respond to research findings.
2008 Pathways for Little Feet, a “501(c)(3)” nonprofit organization is established, initial staff is hired, and a “pilot program” to carry out the new organizations mission “to help families adopt children through financial assistance” is commenced. The first 27 children–16 of whom have “special needs”–are brought into loving families with the aid of funds from Pathways.
2009 A total of 57 children (from inception) are brought into “loving families” with the aid of Pathway funds—29 of whom have “special needs.”
2010 An average of 1 child per week is currently being brought into a loving home. “Vision 2014,” a strategic plan, is launched to enhance marketing, increase funding, and grow staff in order to help a total of 1,000 children join loving families.
2011 A total of 157 children (from inception) are brought into loving homes with the help of Pathways for Little Feet. The Fertitta Cocktail event is held at Paige & Tilman Fertitta’s home and raised over $40,000 for Pathways. The Vision 2014 Campaign’s fundraising goal is met with over $500,000 in contributions. The first annual Polo for Pathways benefit is a big success, raising over $40,000 in the Fall for Pathways and Vision 2014.
2012 New staff joins Pathways in the Fall. Our Vision of 1,000 children becoming permanent members of loving families, gains even greater momentum.
2013 Pathways doubles the number of loans funded from it’s previous best year from 34 to 68 loans. The number of Pathways children now home with their forever family breaks the 250 mark.
2014 Pathways has funded more than 250 family loans, and the organization has helped bring home more than 300 children from orphanages across the United States and in 35 countries.
2015 Over $1M had been repaid into the Family Fund since 2008, and 43 children were placed in their forever-homes, an increase of 60% from 2014.
2016 More than 380 families have been blessed with an interest-free loan, bringing home nearly 400 children.