We are pleased to know that you have opened your heart to adopting a child. By providing interest-free loans to adoptive families, Pathways for Little Feet hopes to move toward a world in which every child belongs in a loving home. Fill out the form below to download the Pathways application PDF and Family Consent Form.

The Process

Currently, Pathways for Little Feet makes interest-free loans to families for any amount up to $7,500.
Monthly payments are required, but the payment amount is set by the family.

You will be asked in the loan application to submit the following:

  • Completed Application (fill out form above to download)
  • Current Credit Scores (You can get a free report at
  • Approved Home Study
  • Last Year’s Tax Information
  • Signed Consent Form
  • Last Month’s Bank Statement (checking and savings)
  • Copy of Valid Driver’s License
  • Copy of Last Two Pay Stubs
  • Name, Address and Phone Numbers of Four References (cannot be family members)
You can email your completed application along with the documents listed above to
mail them to:
Sandy Fuglaar, Program Manager-Family Fund
9 Greenway Plaza, Suite 3150
Houston, Texas 77046


Our goal is to assist families with the final steps of their adoption. You must be within three to six months of completing your adoption before you may submit an application. Eligibility to receive a loan is based primarily upon financial need. However, we review each family on a case by case basis. We consider the following when assessing for eligibility:

  • Financial Need of Prospective Parents – Funding priority will be given-but not limited to-families presenting the greatest need.
  • Licensed Adoption Agency – Applicants must use an approved adoption agency that is licensed in their state of operation.
  • Approved Home Study –The family must have an approved home study.
  • Additional Financial Support – The family has sought other funding sources (applied for other loans and grants, utilized employee assistance, fundraising through family members, friends, etc).
  • Stewardship to Pathways – Applicants agree to repay the loan in order to help other families with their adoptions. Our goal is for the funds to become ‘self-perpetuating’ – where the repayments received each month will be recycled to meet the needs of new adopting families.
  • Availability of Funds – Sometimes requests for assistance outweigh resources, and we regret that we are not always able to provide assistance to every qualified family. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that every qualified family will be granted a loan.