• Mari

    God’s plan from the very beginning
    was to adopt you into His family
    through Jesus Christ.
    And this gave Him
    great pleasure.
    Eph. 1:5


Born in the People’s Republic of China, Mari was horribly burned and then abandoned on the street.  Her legs were severely damaged, causing her to lose both feet, and she spent a year recovering in a local hospital. Subsequently, Mari was placed in an orphanage with no real hope for the future.  But 12-year-old Mari had a tremendous spirit of optimism and did not give up hope for having a family.

It was love at first sight for Kent and Laurie, who knew immediately that this was their little girl when they saw her.  In early 2008, the adoption was finalized, and Mari came home to the U.S. Now she is receiving the medical care she needs and the love and affection she deserves.   At last check, she was even learning to skate!  Thanks to the love and kindness of her new family and the financial assistance from Pathways for Little Feet, Mari’s future is bright and sunny, just like Mari.

Laurie shared, “Adopting Mari has been the highlight of our life!  She is a beautiful child with a heart of gold.  Every day she reminds us to be thankful for our blessings. She brings joy to the lives of all who meet her.  Mari is truly a gift!”