• Luke

    Adoption and Orphan Care
    aren’t new ideas;
    they’re biblical ideas.
    Tony Merida & Rick Morton


Julie and Andrew both grew up in families with many siblings and they looked forward to having a large family of their own.  They shared that soon after they were married they learned that their chances of having biological children were slim.  “We both felt that it didn’t matter if our children were genetically related to us.  We just wanted to be parents.”

They began their journey to adopt and were blessed with the adoption of their first child, their beautiful daughter Isabella in 2010.  Julie and Andrew related that they wanted their daughter to grow up with siblings, so when she was 9 months old, they began to pursue another adoption.

They were thrilled to be selected by a birth family who were making an adoption plan.  Julie and Andrew contacted Pathways for Little Feet for assistance with their adoption expenses.  Pathways provided them with an interest-free loan and they were able to bring home their adorable son, Luke.

Luke is a healthy, happy little boy. He is the apple of his sister’s eye.  Julie and Andrew are enjoying their dreams of being a family.