• Liya

    I was chosen.
    I was wanted.
    I was cherished.
    I was loved.
    I grew in their hearts.
    I was adopted.


Amy and Roger had a busy household caring for three active boys.  Amy always wanted a large family and that special bond that only a mother and daughter could share.  After several miscarriages, Amy and Roger chose to adopt the daughter they always wanted.

Amy is a pediatric nurse who loves working with her special needs patients.  She and Roger agreed that a child with special needs would be a perfect fit with their family.    Amy stated, “Our daughter started out as a perfect, healthy baby.  Unfortunately, when she was abandoned, the weather in that area was very cold.  It went below freezing most nights.  When she was found, she had a severe case of frost bite on her feet that quickly turned into gangrene. All of her toes and a portion of her little feet had to be amputated.  She was now labeled a special needs child.  In our minds she was such a little fighter.  She could have easily succumbed to the elements, but she fought for her little life and won!”

With the financial assistance of Pathways for Little Feet, Liya joined her new family.  Amy shared, “Our lives will be so much richer because she is in it.”