• Bella

    Adoptive parents become
    the biological parents
    through connection.
    We change
    their biology.
    Dr. Karen Purvis


Charis and Duffy spent several years trying to create a family through fertility procedures.  After much time and expense, they knew God had another plan for them.  They begin their adoption journey through the foster-care system.  They cared for and fell in love with a sibling group, whom they had hoped to adopt.  Sadly, the children could not be placed with them permanently, leaving them heart-broken and devastated.

Charis and Duffy stated that they prayed God would lead them to His plan.  Soon, they learned about the financial assistance with Pathways for Little Feet and knew they could fulfill their dream of adopting a child.  Now they are the parents of Julah, a beautiful daughter whom they cherish.