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    There are no
    unwanted children.
    Just unfound families.
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Eyob & Abel

Heather and John have always wanted a large family.  After their fourth daughter was born, they decided to add to their family through adoption.

A world away in Ethiopia, a mother struggled to care for her children alone.  Without the resources needed to provide them with the food and medical attention they needed, she placed her sons in an orphanage.

The day Heather and John received their referral, they knew these beautiful boys were meant for them. But coming up with the increased funds to adopt two children at once was difficult.

Heather shared, “Pathways for Little Feet is a wonderful organization, helping adoptive families fill the gaps financially, so more children can find their forever families.  The boys are home and flourishing.  They have been a blessing to our family, and I’m so thankful for my sons.”