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    There is no friendship,
    no love, like that of
    the parent for
    the child.
    Henry Ward Beecher

Dorina and Tibor

Cary and Tony began talking about adoption even before they were married.  They shared that Tony was adopted by his grandparents when he was a young boy; and Cary always wanted to create a family through adoption.  After experiencing the loss of their daughter who was born prematurely, they were ready to move forward with God’s call.

Cary and Tony shared, “We spent two years researching agencies, locations to adopt from, and praying about God’s direction.  We knew that God was leading us to adopt and knew He was leading us to Hungary.  We have felt this is God’s call on our life and we are answering that call.”

In the meantime, a sibling group longs for a family to call their own.  Dorina and Tibor had each other, but longed for the love of parents.  When Cary and Tony learned about the children, they knew they were meant to be theirs.  With the financial assistance of Pathways for Little Feet, they were able to travel to Hungary to bring home their children.  Now Dorina, age 6, and Tibor, age 5, will have the love of the mother and father they have always dreamed of.