• Aneyah Kindergarten Graduation

    The world may not
    change if you
    adopt a child.
    But for that child,
    their world
    will change.


At the beginning of their marriage, Sherry and Larry thought they would remain childless. Sherry was the first to feel called to adoption and she ordered some materials from an adoption agency. They both read them over and decided to attend an information session just before Father’s Day 1999. Their calling was confirmed and they began their paperwork for an adoption from China. In October of 2000, they brought their first daughter home. They brought their second daughter home in 2002 and their third in 2004. They thought they were done, but God spoke to them once more. They adopted their fourth daughter, thinking this adoption was their last.

At age 56, Larry was now over the age limit for adopting special needs children from China, but they saw a precious special needs girl that needed a family and they submitted their letter of intent, leaving the decision to God. China came back and waived the age requirement, allowing them to travel to China to bring home Aneyah. With Pathway’s help, they were able to pay the fees and airfare, making Aneyah’s dream of a family come true.

Aneyah has grown secure, smiles more than not, can carry on a full conversation in English, sings songs and adores her Mommy, Daddy and sisters.

She beams when she is out. She LOVES to go out! She has completed her TB medicine and her appetite has grown immensely. She has gotten used to her brace for her scoliosis and it is just now part of bedtime routine. Her repaired medical conditions are non issues. She eats with the best of them and keeps it down. She is a very happy, silly child.  She loves to make people laugh!  “Our little Aneyah has grown into herself and she is beautiful!” says her mom. “Time and love make such a difference! We are so very, very blessed.”